0051 Rear Plastic Gas Tank, 1978-1986 Jeep CJ5, CJ7, 15 Gallon Tank

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1978-1986 Jeep® CJ 15 gallon gas tank. Includes a new lock ring and O-ring. Approx. dimensions 23" x 16" x 10". Replaces # 8128585.

Part Number: 0051

From 1981-1986, Jeep® offered an OEM 20 gallon factory "plastic" tank in the CJ's. Our 15 gallon tank does not directly replace the OEM 20 gallon factory plastic tank. A new 15 gallon OEM style skid plate, sending unit, top strap, end straps and hoses are required to install this 15 gallon tank.

*This tank will fit in a CJ8 Scrambler.*

High Density, Cross-linking Polyethylene

Targeted thickness of 1/4" for superior strength

No welds or seams to fail or leak

Will not crack even at 150 F above or 160 F below zero

No possibility of rust...EVER

5 year warranty on all tanks