4253 Rear Plastic Gas Tank, 1985-1997 Ford F150, F250, F350 Pickup, 19 Gallon

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1985-1997 Ford Full-Size F150, F250, F350 Pickup Truck 19 gallon rear tank mounted behind the rear axle.

Part Number: 4253

This tank does NOT have a a vent pipe, but it does have an EMS hole on top of the tank.

Includes new lock ring and O-ring.

Dimensions 25½" x 33½" x 7½".

Replaces #''s E5TZ9002E, E7TZ9002A, F3TZ9002A, F6TZ9002A.

MTS Note: **This tank has some additional plastic around the interior of the tank at the sending unit hole. This additional plastic will not interfere with the diesel units from 1985-1997, or the gas units with an in-tank fuel pump from 1985-1989 however the fuel modules that Ford started using in 1990 may hit this additional plastic when being installed. If this happens, the plastic will need to be trimmed to allow installation. The top half of the extra plastic can be trimmed in a crescent shape (similar to the fuel module shape) which will allow the unit to be installed. When trimming the plastic, use a shop vac to collect the plastic shavings and then rinse out the tank with some water. Only trim enough plastic so the module will install properly.**

High Density, Cross-linking Polyethylene

Targeted thickness of 1/4" for superior strength

No welds or seams to fail or leak

Will not crack even at 150º F above or 160º F below zero

No possibility of rust...EVER

5 year warranty on all tanks